Monday, August 5, 2013


Good Monday to you!!!! It's beautiful here in sunny NJ this August afternoon - NO HUMIDITY!!!! I am loving it.....

Something else I also love is the fact that I am surrounded by FRIENDS! Friends have been extremely important to me and I have been blessed to have widened my circle of friends as my life has gone on.

I wasn't terribly popular in grade school - and in high school I had a "core" group of eight girls but they were a year ahead of me so they graduated before me...I had a few friends though that I've kept in touch with from high school.  I've also had one of my very best friends since grade school and A-HEM that's over 36 years ago! LOL

College friends....I've got two that I've kept in touch with via Facebook and visits. Work friends - yup got one lifetime friend there too!

But I was blessed by God to make so many friends after I had children.  At first there were Mom's Group friends.  Found two of my "keeper" friends there.  Then there were "mom" friends - mothers of the friends of my children. PTA Moms too. Some of them are among my nearest and dearest now.  I've made friends via online forums that have become in real life friends.

Church friends and friends from the sport teams my daughter has participated in and crafting friends and now scrapbooking buddies I couldn't even begin to COUNT the number of friends I am lucky to have!

I just keep ADDING to my list of friends - which is a wonderful thing.

So to honor my blessings, I've decided to send each of my friends a handmade card (don't worry if you haven't received yours YET - it's going to take awhile to get through the list!) and here is the very first one:

I am a seamstress as well as a card-maker and crafter so this card is going to one of my "sewing" friends.  I love the vintage feel of the kraft paper and the vintage look of the pattern guide sheet too!  Of course I had to add a little "bling" as well!

Leave a comment or send an address if you would like a card too!


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