Friday, August 9, 2013

Not Just Another Pretty....


As well as paper crafting, I also love to sew! I've been sewing for over twenty years now! I learned to sew when my oldest daughter was just one!

I am blessed to have a terrific sewing machine that not only sews but does machine embroidery! I just create a design or lettering in software on my laptop - save it to a disk - and put it in my machine! Just call up the design and press go! I don't even have to be near the machine!  It's amazing to watch it sew all by itself! Magic!!!

Today I had to do an order of towels for a client! Seven towels with their initials! I did them all in fun vibrant colors as they are taking the towels with them on vacation!


If you are in need of any custom embroidery work,. please feel free to leave me a comment and I'll get in touch with you!

I can do bath towels, beach towels, pillowcases, bibs, burp cloths, hooded towels for children, totebags - you name it and I can probably do it!

Thanks for stopping by!

As always please leave a comment - I really do love to hear what you think!

Ann Marie

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