Monday, September 6, 2010

No need to adjust the fine tuning on your screen folks!

I REALLY AM posting twice in one week! LOL

So far no sewing has been done for the Stash Challenge over at SewingMamas - but I do have a bunch of shirts to embroider for school today (last minute orders - gotta love 'em! :*)  )  Hopefully with the kiddies back to school I will be able to sew uninterrupted (I don't even KNOW what that feels like)!

Have been going through JUNK and more JUNK for our town wide yard sale on Sept 11th - if you're in Joisey get off on my exit (6 off the Turnpike) and stop on by!!!! Lots of great stuff - seriously!

Older daughter will be at school (college) and my younger two kids go back to school tomorrow so by 7:00am I will be all alone with the dog and the bird. I do my best to ignore the bird - her name is Oochie which is short for Oochalino which means "little bird" in Italian.  The bird is a cockatiel and is my hubbsy's bird - it SHRIEKS whenever I go past it. We're not sure if it likes me or hates my guts.

The dog Buttons (a beagle - 3 years old) is not so easy to ignore - I love her. I am hoping to start walking her every morning (more for exercise for me although she can use it too!). Normally the kids do 99.9999% of the walking of the dog but I will do it when they're out.

So what should I sew first? I'm leaning towards a purse for me - or some new pants. Either option will give me lots of fabric points (more for the pants LOL!!)

Post and let me know what you think I should make for ME!!

See y'all next time!!!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

OK OK so I know I should be......

hanging my head in shame since I started this blog and then sort of abandoned it. But like the saying goes "I'm BAAAAAAAAAACK!!!"

It is National Sewing Month - YAY! I love love love to sew. I learned 18 yrs ago when my dd was a baby and today that baby started College! She is going FOR FREE (can't get much better than that!) on the NJ STARS scholarship program. OK I'm a proud mama - can't blame me can ya?

So anyway long story short (I have a sister who says this ALL.THE.TIME.) - I really want to sew this month.

In fact I belong to a great forum - and I am involved in Stash Game. Basically you earn points by decreasing the amount of yardage of fabric in your "stash". BUYING fabric during this month causes you to lose points. 8 points per yard sewn and -8 yards per yard purchased!!! LOL There are prizes (cool prizes) for lots of categories.

AND I am going to buy a serger tonight! (Shhhhh don't remind me that I already own a top of the line Husqvarna Viking 936 serger) I am going to keep my 936 set as a cover stitch machine and use my new Brother 1034 D for my "workhorse" standard stitch serger. I got a super-duper deal (read STEAL) on this machine. Goes for $235 on amazon - mine is only $120 AND I'm getting 12 spools of serger thread, an instruction manual AND a book of Serger Techniques and Inspiration! WAHOOOO - GO ME!!!!

In addition to my sewing this month - I intend to get a lot of crafting done. My kids (well the other 2 - 7th and 10th grade) start on Tuesday! So I will be sewing and crafting and organizing ala Flylady! (Check her out too

OK that's enough rambling for today ......... do I always sign off that way? Maybe it will become my new tag line???? Wait for my next post and see!

Monday, March 22, 2010


If I post every six months does that still make me a blogger? Or a slacker? Probably both LOL!

Well it's been a very hectic six months in my life - as soon as I started this blog I went back to work full time for the first time in 2.5 years - I was laid off from Merrill Lynch way back in the beginning of the corporate downsizing - one week later I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and have been out of work since then.

So I work for the ARC of Mercer County in NJ - we are an advocacy group that runs 13 group homes for the developmentally disabled (formerly the Association of Retarded Citizens). I was hired as a Personnel Assistant and less than three months later was promoted to Staffing Supervisor (please hold your applause).

Well let me tell you just how hectic it is to staff 13 homes with staff during the height of SNOW BLIZZARD SEASON in NJ. I was working days nights -weekends - you name it!!!!!!!! It has slowed down some - thank goodness!

I'm trying to do more crafty things as I find them to be therapeutic in that I tend not to worry about anything when I am immersed in a sewing or craft project.

One of the big "craft projects" I am in the middle of is - creating a craft room in my home. Now don't get all excited it's NOT that type of craft room. There is NO actual workspace in the room. It is only 6 x 12 feet and contains two doorways and a full size window to boot. So basically I am using it for storage for my Mary Kay business needs AND my crafting supplies.

So I am in the process of organizing every thing I own craft wise (well except my fabric - that's a whole 'nother post :) )

Joe and Jack installed the nine cube shelf systems (three of them) in the room for 29 cubbies for boxes for storage. Then there are three bookshelves along the six foot long back wall.

Oh yeah the room is HOT PINK cuz it was my daughter's room when she was small and she wanted it "Barbie" pink - and IT IS!!!!!!!

Pics to come later.

OK so that's my absence explained in a nutshell. Hopefully it won't take another six months to post again!!!