Wednesday, September 1, 2010

OK OK so I know I should be......

hanging my head in shame since I started this blog and then sort of abandoned it. But like the saying goes "I'm BAAAAAAAAAACK!!!"

It is National Sewing Month - YAY! I love love love to sew. I learned 18 yrs ago when my dd was a baby and today that baby started College! She is going FOR FREE (can't get much better than that!) on the NJ STARS scholarship program. OK I'm a proud mama - can't blame me can ya?

So anyway long story short (I have a sister who says this ALL.THE.TIME.) - I really want to sew this month.

In fact I belong to a great forum - and I am involved in Stash Game. Basically you earn points by decreasing the amount of yardage of fabric in your "stash". BUYING fabric during this month causes you to lose points. 8 points per yard sewn and -8 yards per yard purchased!!! LOL There are prizes (cool prizes) for lots of categories.

AND I am going to buy a serger tonight! (Shhhhh don't remind me that I already own a top of the line Husqvarna Viking 936 serger) I am going to keep my 936 set as a cover stitch machine and use my new Brother 1034 D for my "workhorse" standard stitch serger. I got a super-duper deal (read STEAL) on this machine. Goes for $235 on amazon - mine is only $120 AND I'm getting 12 spools of serger thread, an instruction manual AND a book of Serger Techniques and Inspiration! WAHOOOO - GO ME!!!!

In addition to my sewing this month - I intend to get a lot of crafting done. My kids (well the other 2 - 7th and 10th grade) start on Tuesday! So I will be sewing and crafting and organizing ala Flylady! (Check her out too

OK that's enough rambling for today ......... do I always sign off that way? Maybe it will become my new tag line???? Wait for my next post and see!

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