Monday, September 6, 2010

No need to adjust the fine tuning on your screen folks!

I REALLY AM posting twice in one week! LOL

So far no sewing has been done for the Stash Challenge over at SewingMamas - but I do have a bunch of shirts to embroider for school today (last minute orders - gotta love 'em! :*)  )  Hopefully with the kiddies back to school I will be able to sew uninterrupted (I don't even KNOW what that feels like)!

Have been going through JUNK and more JUNK for our town wide yard sale on Sept 11th - if you're in Joisey get off on my exit (6 off the Turnpike) and stop on by!!!! Lots of great stuff - seriously!

Older daughter will be at school (college) and my younger two kids go back to school tomorrow so by 7:00am I will be all alone with the dog and the bird. I do my best to ignore the bird - her name is Oochie which is short for Oochalino which means "little bird" in Italian.  The bird is a cockatiel and is my hubbsy's bird - it SHRIEKS whenever I go past it. We're not sure if it likes me or hates my guts.

The dog Buttons (a beagle - 3 years old) is not so easy to ignore - I love her. I am hoping to start walking her every morning (more for exercise for me although she can use it too!). Normally the kids do 99.9999% of the walking of the dog but I will do it when they're out.

So what should I sew first? I'm leaning towards a purse for me - or some new pants. Either option will give me lots of fabric points (more for the pants LOL!!)

Post and let me know what you think I should make for ME!!

See y'all next time!!!

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